How Does Led Street Light Factory Design Products

  •        As an essential element of the city's night scene, landscape lights are increasingly important. But how can we create a dazzling landscape light design? xiangrui Led Street Light Factory will now reveal the answer for everyone:


    1. The design should focus on the overall effect


           Landscape lights are generally put into use in a large area in large quantities, so the overall effect must be taken into account in the design. If only a certain part is designed, even if this part is unique and perfect, it will Because it does not take into account the overall landscape effect, it becomes very uncoordinated, so the appearance and brightness of the landscape light must be unified in the design.


    1. Lighting design should pay attention to clear levels


           In different places, the needs for lighting and viewing are different. The brightness and intensity of light must have a primary and secondary effect for the illuminated object. For example, brighter lights should be used for places where you want to highlight, and darker lights are generally used for secondary places, so that you can highlight the main attractions. The primary and secondary design highlights the light and shadow effects are very beautiful of.


    1. Light colors highlight the theme of the design


           Landscape lighting design can use light color to highlight the theme of the design, and choose the appropriate light color according to the effect of the city’s night landscape. For example, when traditional festivals come, you can choose warm colors to set off the festive atmosphere. Usually, you can choose cool colors to highlight the prosperity of modern cities. Only by choosing the right light and color can the correct theme be conveyed; otherwise, the theme will appear chaotic and unstructured.


           Finally, Yincheng outdoor lighting wants to remind everyone that the design of 100w outdoor slim led floodlight is very important for the night landscape in the city, and a good design can add a lot of beauty to the city night scene. When designing landscape lights, we must use light color to highlight the theme of the design, and we must also pay attention to the overall hierarchy and take into account the overall effect, so that we can design landscape lights that have the dual functions of lighting and viewing~