100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight To Protect Eyesight

  • Buying a good LED factory light can reduce costs and save energy for the enterprise. Many small Led Street Light Factory do not have a fixed source material supplier at all. They almost buy source materials where they are cheap. The advantage is that the delivery speed is fast and can be done. Delivery on the same day, mostly within 3 days.

    1. Energy saving, power consumption is only about 40% of traditional metal halide industrial and mining lamps. Taking 100 lamps as an example, an average of 10 hours a day is used, and the electricity fee is 1 yuan/kWh. The daily electricity fee for LED high bay lights is 100 yuan, and the daily electricity fee for metal halide high bay lights is 250 yuan.
      2. The service life is longer, and the service life can reach 3.5 times of the traditional metal halide industrial and mining lamp. The service life of the metal halide high bay light is 8,000 hours, and the LED high bay light can reach 30,000 hours-equivalent to 10 hours a day, which can be used for 8 years, which greatly reduces the cost of manual lamp replacement, and the cost performance is really high.
      3. Good environmental performance and no pollution elements. Ordinary lamps, including metal halide industrial and mining lamps, contain mercury. The mercury contained in dozens of metal halide industrial and mining lamps can pollute the entire West Lake. LED industrial and mining lamps have no pollution elements such as mercury and xenon and are typical green light sources.
      4. No radiation, protect human health. When the metal halide industrial and mining lamp emits light, it will produce ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. The heat is large and the air is dry. The 100w outdoor slim led floodlighthas no radiation, which not only protects people's eyes but also benefits the health.