Seed Planter Scale Removal

  •    Understand the techniques for cleaning up the scale of the Seed Planter. During the use of the Seed Planter, the accessories will produce scale or oil, etc. If you do not stop the thorough cleaning, it will have an adverse effect on the use of the machine. But how should we stop cleaning? The following editor will explain to you the techniques for removing scale in Seed Planter.

      Descale removal method

      When cleaning the scale on the cast iron cylinder. Heat 8-10% hydrochloric acid and 3% of the hydrochloric acid amount of Rhodane corrosion inhibitor, pour it into the water jacket at about 50℃-60℃, soak it for 2-3 hours and then discharge it. After that, you can stop the cleaning with potassium dichromate aqueous solution; or inject 5 percent caustic soda aqueous solution into the water jacket to neutralize the remaining acid solution, and then repeat the cleaning with clean water.

       Clean up the scale of the cooling system. The main component of the scale of these accessories is silicate, so 2% to 3% of the caustic soda water solution is added to the cooling system, and the standby car is discharged after 1-2 days, and then repeatedly washed with water until it is clean.

       oil pollution removal method

      Clean the animal, vegetable oil and mineral oil on the surface of the parts. This kind of oil can be removed with alkaline solution. The detailed method is to use a solid re-germination solution to add a small amount of emulsifier, wash after heating or use pressure radiation, and then rinse off the residual liquid on the surface of the part with warm water.

       Remove the oil stains from fine parts. Alkaline solution has a corrosive effect on high-pressure oil pumps, fuel injectors and other fine parts. Therefore, organic solvents should be used to stop cleaning the oil in these parts, mainly including gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, etc., and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth.

       Clean up the oil stains of aluminum alloy parts. Alkaline solutions have a strong corrosive effect on aluminum alloys, while organic solutions are relatively expensive and are not suitable for large-scale use. Therefore, the oil stains on these parts can be removed with aluminum alloy cleaning fluid. The detailed preparation is sodium silicate or sodium carbonate solution plus a small amount of potassium dichromate, heated to 60℃-70℃, and then used.

       The above is the way to eliminate Corn Sheller that the editor explained to you. After careful understanding, we know the way to eliminate Corn Sheller's scale and oil. Then we will encounter these things in the future, we will not be at a loss.