Pay Attention To The Use Of Corn Sheller

  •     Improper operation of Corn Sheller can bring accidental damage. We must pay attention to it. Although the operation is simpler, it should not cause unnecessary trouble because of carelessness. Although Corn Sheller is not a large machine, you should pay attention to it, but it is safer than a large machine. Many, there will be no major accidents. It is best to be careful in everything. Let’s take a look at the following troubles caused by operating a large Corn Sheller:

    At 20 o'clock on the 19th, a villager in Shangaxi Village, Abdula Township, Tacheng City, was using Corn Sheller to harvest corn and his left leg was caught in the rotating reel of the thresher. Tacheng City Baktu Fire Squadron immediately went to rescue after receiving the police.

    Fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene and found that the injured left leg was stuck in the thresher, the threshing mouth was full of blood, and the leg was swollen. Fire officers and soldiers immediately cut and demolished the rotating shaft. After more than 20 minutes of rescue, the trapped villagers were successfully rescued. Sent to Tacheng People’s Hospital by 120 ambulance.

    The villager Mr. Gong introduced that the injured villager was pouring a bag of corn into the threshing opening when he suddenly heard him yelling "No". We rushed over and found that the thresher was caught in his pants, and then the whole leg was stuck in the machine. .

    It is understood that the hospital has currently performed amputation on the injured. Firefighters reminded villagers that when operating large-scale machinery for farming, they must follow the operating procedures to avoid accidents.

       Therefore, you must pay more attention before operation and during use. Don't take risks because of saving effort or trouble. Our Seed Planter of hongxiang machinery and other equipment will not cause the above situation. Ours is suitable for household operation. It is not so dangerous and is very suitable for farmers.