How To Maintain Corn Sheller

  •       When we use new products for the first time, we will be a bit ignorant. This is still a relatively normal phenomenon. Before our agricultural machinery is used, the large Corn Sheller manufacturer told us that we should clean up and follow the requirements of the agricultural machinery manual. Inspection, lubrication, adjustment, tightening, maintenance, replacement, etc. Before use, you must carefully check whether the changing parts are sensitive and bumpless, whether the conditioning organization is normal, and whether the safety equipment is completely useful; to ensure that there is no debris in the machine, the smooth parts should be filled with smooth oil.
          With the continuous development of science and technology in our country, our agricultural equipment is constantly improving, making our agricultural farming more convenient. The application of the new Corn Sheller reduces our labor intensity, but we must do well when using it. The corresponding maintenance work, regarding this information, I will explain in detail for everyone:
       1. Before use, check whether the motor rotation direction is consistent with the direction marked on the thresher, check whether the fasteners are loose, and assemble the tightness and parallelism of the V-belt.
       2. Store the product in a dry and ventilated place after use.
       3. Lubricate all the bearings in the product once a year.
          The maintenance work of the new Corn Sheller is much more than that. We must carry out the corresponding operation work according to the instructions. Only in this way can its performance be fully demonstrated and its service life can be extended. More about Seed Planter maintenance work, Will continue to organize for everyone, so stay tuned.