How To Lubricate Manual Fertilizer Seeder

  •    For farmers, Manual Fertilizer Seeder is a relatively expensive machine, of course, it is also a better farm helper in the market. Therefore, in order to make the overall work efficiency of the Manual Fertilizer Seeder high, lubrication and maintenance are required in daily life.

        Manual Fertilizer Seeder requires high maintenance, requiring daily maintenance, weekly maintenance and annual maintenance. Next, I will discuss three types of maintenance.

    1. The main contents of daily maintenance include: check the usage of the belt to see if it is broken, or replace it in time. The next step is to check whether there are impurities in the belt pulley groove of the rice transplanter.
    2. Weekly maintenance content:
    3. Lubricate the Manual Fertilizer Seeder into the node and adjust the rod with lubricating oil. Next, check the Manual Fertilizer Seeder clutch.
    4. Add lubricating oil on the pulley to make the Manual Fertilizer Seeder run normally. Check whether the screws or accessories on the Manual Fertilizer Seeder are firmly installed.
    5. Annual maintenance content: Clean up the Manual Seeder so that no impurities will affect its work. Check the condition of basic accessories, such as belts and grilles. Then add lubricant to the chain and nodes. Choose a suitable location to prevent the machine from rusting.