How To Use Manual Seeder

  •       When the Manual Seeder works, the high-speed fan generates negative pressure and transmits it to the vacuum chamber of the seed metering unit. When the seeds are transferred out of the vacuum chamber, they no longer bear negative pressure, and fall into the seed ditch by their own weight or the action of a seed scraper. The following planter manufacturers specifically introduce the precautions for the use of Manual Seeder.

    1. The planter manufacturer reminds that seeds and fertilizer should be put into the seed box and fertilizer box after the unit reaches the planting plot, and should not be added before departure or field transfer. Because the weight of the Manual Seeder increases, the entire unit moves backward, which will reduce the operability of the whole machine, which is not conducive to transportation; at the same time, it will also make the seed and fertilizer compact in vibration, which is not conducive to the uniform discharge of the seed and fertilizer.
    2. The manual seeder of the planter manufacturer must be tested and debugged before it is officially used. When debugging and planting, pay attention to the working conditions of each component at any time, observe the operation of the rotating parts of the Manual Seeder, whether the transmission sprocket and chain are running normally, whether the seed guide pipe and the fertilizer pipe are blocked, and whether there is fertilizer in the fertilizer tank In the overhead state, check the plant spacing, row spacing and seeding depth of Manual Seeder, and adjust these values ​​to the state of agronomic requirements. At this time, the Manual Seeder can work normally.

    3. Before the Manual Seeder unit starts, the fan should be engaged and the tractor should be operated at a high throttle. The planter manufacturer reminds that when the Manual Seeder unit turns in the field, the fan should reduce the speed and continue to run to ensure that the absorbed seeds in the seeder will not all fall off at once, and the seeds will be wasted.
    4. When the Manual Seeder starts operation, it is necessary to drop the planter while walking. The planter manufacturer reminds that the planter is not allowed to be slammed into the soil for operation, so as to prevent the working parts of the soil from being damaged by severe impact, and it is also easy to cause the seeding nozzle and The opening of the fertilizer opener is blocked.
    5. When the Manual Seeder is working, always monitor the transmission components for abnormal sounds. If abnormalities are found, the planter manufacturer prompts to stop and check the Manual Seeder in time, and then continue to work after troubleshooting.
    6. Manual Fertilizer Seederis not allowed to turn sharply and reverse during the operation, so as not to damage the seeding parts.