Maintain The Status Of Manual Fertilizer Seeder

  • During the operation of Manual Fertilizer Seeder, due to changes in operation, friction and wear, and load, the connection bolts are inevitably loosened and the parts are worn out, which destroys the normal state of the system, resulting in abnormal fit clearance, reduced gasoline engine power, and increased fuel consumption , The components are out of adjustment, and the malfunction of Manual Fertilizer Seeder increases, which seriously affects the normal use of Manual Fertilizer Seeder. In order to reduce the occurrence of the above situation, it is necessary to strictly and regularly do a "prevention first" maintenance work to maintain Manual The good technical condition of Fertilizer Seeder prolongs its service life.

    1. Run-in

       1. Please refer to the instruction manual for the gasoline engine running-in.

    1. For a new or overhauled Manual Fertilizer Seeder, first work for half an hour under no-load conditions, and immediately release all the lubricating oil in the crankshaft of the gasoline engine after 5 hours of work under light load conditions, and then inject the engine oil according to the procedure After 4 hours of running-in, your Manual Fertilizer Seeder can be put into normal farming.

                   2. Maintenance of Manual Fertilizer Seeder
                    A. Maintenance of each shift (before and after each shift)
                    1. Listen and observe whether there are any abnormalities in each part (such as abnormal noise, overheating, loose screws, etc.)
                    2. Check the gasoline engine and the rotating box for oil leakage.
                    3. Check whether the oil level of the gasoline engine and the transmission case is between the vernier scale and the lower line.
                    4. Remove dirt, weeds and oil on the whole machine and its vicinity in time.
                    5. Fill in the farming records.
                    B. Primary maintenance (every 150 hours of work)
                        (1) Carry out all the contents of each shift maintenance.
                        (2) Clean the transmission case and add no oil.
                        (3) Check and debug the clutch, shift system and reverse gear system.
                    C. Secondary maintenance (every 800 hours of work)
                        (1) Carry out all the contents of maintenance every 150 hours of work.
                        (2) Check all gears and bearings, and replace them with new ones if they are severely worn.
                        (3) The remaining parts of Manual Seeder, such as rotary blades or link bolts, etc., if damaged, please replace them with new ones.
                    D. Technical maintenance (1500-2000 per job)
                        (1) Go to the local special maintenance station to disassemble the whole machine, clean and inspect, and the severely worn parts must be replaced or repaired as appropriate.
                        (2) Ask professional maintenance personnel to check and adjust the friction plate and clutch.
                   E. The maintenance and maintenance of the gasoline engine should be carried out according to the gasoline engine instruction manual.