Some Properties Of Outdoor Protection Fabric


    Outdoor Protection Fabric has some properties, such as breathability, perspiration, wear resistance, lightness and so on. In a word, a good outdoor protection fabric needs to be waterproof, UV-resistant, windproof, breathable, soft and light, as well as ultra-small in size and easy to store.

    Outdoor protection fabric are mainly composed of nylon, polyester and polyamide, among which nylon fabrics have the highest cost and price. Nylon fabric has good elasticity, alkali resistance, very wear resistance, soft and comfortable hand feeling; Polyester fabric is stiffer, acid resistant and high temperature resistant than nylon; According to the composition ratio, the properties of polyamide and polyester are between them. The higher the composition ratio of nylon, the softer the fabric is.

    According to the characteristics of several fabrics, the outdoor protection fabric made of nylon fabric is softer, lighter and more comfortable. Windproof is the most basic function of outdoor protection fabric, in addition, it is endowed with special properties such as anti-ultraviolet and anti-splashing by some special processes.

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