What fabric is generally a down jacket?


    What fabric is Down Jacket Fabric generally?

    1. Waterproof coating (coated) fabric:

    Similar to the jacket fabric, it is waterproof and breathable. It is used for professional down jackets in high mountains. But the difference is that the overall fabric will be lighter and softer than the jacket fabric. In addition, because down jackets are used in cold environments, they are mainly targeted at the melting water of ice and snow solid water, so the water pressure requirements of the fabric will not be as high as that of the jacket.

    2. High-density waterproof fabric:

    The density of the fabric itself is very high, generally above 290T. Then through the high temperature fusion surface fabric to reduce the post-treatment process of fabric voids, improve the anti-fleece performance. The lightness and softness of the fabric is the highest among all down jacket fabrics, and it also has windproof, water-repellent and breathable properties.

    3. Ordinary woven fabrics:

    The anti-flannel fabric is made of low-density nylon or polyester. When making down jackets, adding anti-flannel cloth to the inner side of the fabric can play a role of anti-fleece and has good anti-fleece performance.

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