Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 is currently underway

  • Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 is currently underway & it brought a lot of new content for players. We also the addition of the Rust & Saloon map in Season 6. Now, players are waiting for the start of the new season which is expected to add a new map Shipment.

    The upcoming season will also bring an all-new battle pass for players which will feature new tier rewards at every level. Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 is likely to end on June 1 & so players can expect the start of Season 7 in the first week of June.According to data mined leaks, Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 will also bring a few new weapons for the game. Data miners have unraveled the game code files & have found that Season 7 of the game will add a pump-action shotgun KRM-262.

    There are several new locations in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 beta update; however, Downtown will surely be everyone’s favorite. That is because this location has a Disco Dance floor inside a club. Interestingly, players can play different music and show their emotes on the dance floor, which is quite impressive. Naturally, players will rush to this place with their squad to show some moves. However, holding the ground on the dance floor will not be easy, with all the enemies roaming around. If you want to Buy CODM Points, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

    It’s the sixth season of Call of Duty Mobile, but there has been only one zombie boss since the start. However, it looks like that’s going to change in Season 7. The latest update for Call of Duty Mobile test servers introduces a new Zombie boss, who goes by the name ‘The Butcher.’

    Coming to scorestreaks, Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 can add the Cluster Strike Killstreak to the game. Apart from this, despite many leaks, players are yet waiting for the arrival of Lightning Strike scorestreak for the game. Well, Season 7 is still far away, & until then, we will see some more leaks from data miners. We will cover all the upcoming or leaked content for the game, so, if you are a fan of Call of Duty Mobile stay tuned for more updates.

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