Darkmeyer is the latest content release for Old School RuneScap

  • The world of Old School RuneScape has grown once again today with the launch of Darkmeyer. This new content release features a dramatic quest – Sins of the Father – which provides the opportunity to unlock the gates to the vampyric city of Darkmeyer.

    The new content will feature a new quest called Sins of the Father, giving you the chance to unlock the gates to the vampiric city of Darkmeyer. Details for the quest include it taking you along a long-running storyline that sees freedom fighters, the Myreque, attempt to free the dark swamplands of Morytania from the evil grasp of feared vampyre leader Lord Drakan.

    Additionally, per the accompanying press release, completing the quest will open the previously inaccessible city of Darkmeyer where you can can discover a multitude of new shops, amenities, enemies and skilling methods, including the Hallowed Sepulchre agility course and the Essence Mine. And if you want to buy OSRS Money, visit z2u.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

    The Essence Mine offers players a new way to train the Runecrafting skill by utilising the mysterious power of the mineral deposits in Darkmeyer. Meanwhile, The Hallowed Sepulchre is a new minigame where players can train their Agility skill by traversing the boobytrapped crypt which houses the long-dead citizens of the ancient city of Hallowvale.

    Furthermore, the Hallowed Sepulchre minigame will come to the game in which players can train their Agility-skill by crossing the boobytrap crypts. In these crypts, you'll find the buried people of Hallowvale.Players choose themselves if new content gets added to the game. This idea was backed by about 90% of the 55.000 votes.