Watch Dogs: Legion Twitter account in response to a request

  • Watch Dogs Legion Credits I’d been hoping that Watch Dogs: Legion Online would launch this week with a greater sense of purpose than I’d seen in a preview of the mode two months ago. But it hasn’t really. If anything has changed since January it’s my realization at just how empty an open-world multiplayer experience is when only three other players can join it.Ubisoft Toronto promises there will be more to do in a couple of weeks which includes another PvP mode and some additional cooperative missions. But for me the sticking point with Watch Dogs: Legion Online is that whenever I boot into a free-roam of London the pool of potential teammates is three and that’s it.

    It would appear that Watch Dogs: Legion will at some point in the future include platform crossplay -- and that includes cross-generation play. While the much-delayed online mode for Ubisoft's Watch Dogs: Legion officially launched on March 9th  it came with some pretty major caveats. First and foremost the PC version was indefinitely delayed and the first Tactical Op for the mode was also delayed even for consoles. But according to the developer as noted above the good news on the horizon is that full crossplay is definitely in the works.This news comes from a recent reply from the official Watch Dogs: Legion Twitter account in response to a request to enable crossplay.By the way, you can buy cheap WD Legion Credits from

    Watch Dogs Legion has now been available for four-and-a-half months. That's more than enough time for most players to go through Watch Dogs Legion's story meaning most of the remaining players are there for the multiplayer. Even popular games like Watch Dogs Legion can suffer from depleted player bases for multiplayer particularly when there's no cross-play and each platform is an island. In response Ubisoft is now saying it has plans to support both cross-play and cross-gen in the future.The confirmation didn't come in the form of an announcement or reveal. Rather it came as a response to a question on Twitter. A Watch Dogs Legion player asked the official Twitter account for the game to enable cross-gen multiplayer.