Dth Hammer Is An Essential Equipment

  • DTH Hammer is a consumable tool accessory for coal mines. The high-efficiency twist-shaped drill pipe used for coal seam drilling rigs is made of high-quality carbon steel and is suitable for coal electric drills. This is a coal mine. An essential tool for mining. DTH Hammer is mainly divided into two types: dry DTH Hammer and wet DTH Hammer.

    DTH Hammer products are one of the essential equipment in mining. Now, mining requirements are becoming more and more stringent. If you want to use certain accessories in the mine, you must ensure the quality. The molding method of DTH Hammer has high efficiency, large output, wide range of uses, and has a greater impact in industrial production. With the continuous development of the mining industry, the mechanical structure of DTH Hammer is constantly updated, and the DTH Hammer products of our kaiqiu drilling tools have been recognized by the mine.

    So far, DTH Hammer of our kaiqiu drilling tool has cooperated with many large domestic coal mines. Due to the relatively long qualifications of our factory, we have won a certain reputation. Many people only look at the brand of our factory. We buy drill pipe products here. Now, our new DTH Hammer product has the characteristics of fast production speed, large output, wide application range and long service life. These advantages have already occupied the market demand, and sales are good. Only by continuously innovating our products with technology can we have more advantages.