Future Prospects Of Drilling Tools Manufacturer

  • My country's mining machinery industry has always been a pillar industry of the national economy and has an important impact on the country's development. With the support and guidance of national policies, the mining machinery industry will move toward an international high-end market stage through deepening reforms, actively adjusting industry and product structures, and transforming economic growth methods. Today, the mining machinery industry has made good achievements in the past ten years, but it is still facing the challenges of advanced foreign manufacturers and the arrival of my country's rapid economic development in the middle and late stages of industrialization. Therefore, Drilling Tools Manufacturer should actively face it now, otherwise it will be passive in the future.

    In the next 5 years, or even 10 years, the technological growth of mining machinery will become the focus of the industry. At the same time, it will also be a rapid process of mining machinery from quantitative change to qualitative change. The following points will be the future development direction of mining machinery.

    The main points are as follows:

    1. Digitization. Product development, enterprise collaboration, digital mine.
    2. Intelligent. Automated mining of underground mines, seabed mining, equipment health self-diagnosis.
    3. Ecologicalization. Green design, fuel cell, geothermal, solid waste treatment.

    In general, China in the 21st century has become a major mining machinery manufacturing country and attracts worldwide attention. With the deepening of my country's reform and opening up and the development of world economic integration, the domestic and foreign markets for mining machinery products as major equipment have become increasingly fierce. In the next period of time, it is time to lay the foundation for our country to become a powerful mining machinery nation. After several years of independent innovation, we will develop digital and intelligent technologies. Ecological and pleasant mining machinery, realizing high-end complete sets of major equipment, realizing the sublimation of mining machinery technology, improving the utilization rate of minerals, changing the status quo of high pollution and high consumption in the mineral processing process, promoting product structure adjustment, and building a good ecological civilization and cycle The economy is of great significance.