Detailed Maintenance Knowledge Of Water Well Drilling Tools

  • Let's learn about the general maintenance knowledge of Water Well Drilling Tools.
    1. Unit installation:
    1. Prepare a rock drilling space. The size of the space can be determined according to the type and method of drilling.
    2. Lead gas and water (when water and dust removal is needed) to the pipes, lighting circuits, etc. used at the working point.
    3. According to the requirements of hole design, ensure the reliable positioning of the drilling rig.
    2. Check before operation:
    1. When starting work, you should carefully check whether the gas and water pipes (required to remove water and dust) are firmly connected, especially the wind and water pipe joints and the wind water pipe must be firmly connected to avoid tripping and injury. Do not allow air and water leakage from all joints.
    2. Check whether the oil mist is full of organic oil (not too full).
    3. Check whether the screws, nuts, joints, etc. of each part are tightened, and whether various positioning is firm and reliable.
    Water Well Drilling Tools maintenance knowledge is like this, I hope it will help you.