Preservation Of Water Well Drilling Tools

    1. Check the appearance quality of Rock Button Bits. Such as whether there are defects on the surface of the drill rod that affect the use, whether the flatness of the drill rod is good, etc. Some of these factors are caused during the handling process. Users of slightly bent drill rods can solve it on site. Please do not use hammering when straightening.
      2. Before using the drill rod, check whether the water hole is unblocked. Do not use the drill rod without the water hole. In this case, the manufacturer will provide free replacement.
      3. Check the fit of the drill rod, the rock drill and the connecting parts, sometimes the early failure of the drill rod is caused by the wear of the rock drill accessories. For example, the hexagonal casing of the pneumatic rock drill is severely worn, on the one hand, it will cause the drill rod to bear the eccentric impact load, causing it to break early. On the other hand, it also has the effect of accelerating the wear of the internal parts of the rock drill.
      4. Skilled rock drill operators can well adjust the working status of rock drilling equipment during eye opening and rock drilling. For example, when opening the eyes, use low impact, slow propulsion, low revolutions, etc. When drilling rock, ensure that the drill rod and the blast hole are in a straight line.
      5. When drilling blast holes in rock masses with broken rocks and well-developed cracks, it is best to use cross-type and button-type bits. Brazing the drill rod with the square causes unnecessary loss of the drill rod. Attention should be paid to prevent the surface of the drill rod from being damaged when handling the stuck drill. The service life of the drill rod with surface damage will be greatly reduced.
      6. Pay attention to the abrasion of the drill bit blade. Continue to use the abnormally damaged drill bit on the one hand will cause the drill bit to be scrapped in advance, and on the other hand, it will greatly reduce the service life of the drill rod.
      7. When the drill rod is in use, there must be enough cooling water (the rock drilling equipment has certain requirements for water pressure and water volume). On the one hand, it can help you increase the drilling speed, and on the other hand, it can prevent the temperature rise during the use of the drill rod, which will change the material properties of the rod body and cause the early failure of the drill rod. When using a drill rod, do not use it as a crowbar to reduce its use value.
      8. Don't hammer the drill rod with heavy objects and make inappropriate marks on the drill rod. The scars and sharp notches on the surface of the drill rod will cause the drill rod to fail early.
      9. Water Well Drilling Tools should be stored in a dry place, such as a warehouse, to ensure that they are protected from rain and water. Similarly, after the rock drilling work is completed, the surface of the drill rod should be kept as dry as possible, and the drill rod should be erected in a drier place to prevent the severe corrosion of the drill rod from shortening the service life.