How To Choose Dth Bit

    1. DTH Hammer's drill rod body is made of high-pressure seamless alloy steel pipes, and the spiral blades are made of high wear-resistant T-shaped steel belts, which are welded by prestressed winding. The drill pipe joints are made of high-quality medium-carbon alloy, which has just been treated with real air-conditioning and high pressure forming. This series of products adopts four-way or six-way quick connection, which is automatically locked by a spring pin when in use, and is equipped with a U-shaped or semi-ring anti-off pin, so that the torque of the drill rod can reach the best state.
      2. Geological spiral drill pipe Geological spiral drill pipe is based on the high torque performance of geological drill pipe, using single spiral blade or double spiral blade, processed and welded by prestressed winding process. It is used in coal mines and drilling projects, and is especially suitable for deep hole drilling in soft coal seams and coal-like seams with poor water flow and slag discharge. The geological spiral drill pipe provides a guarantee for efficient deep hole drilling in mines and fills the domestic gap. Geological spiral drill pipe has the characteristics of high fatigue strength and high shear strength.
      3. Long spiral drill rods According to the different drilling pressure methods used when drilling, drill rods are divided into three types, friction pressure drill rods, machine lock pressure drill rods and combined pressure drill rods. Friction drill pipes generally can drill into silt, soil, sand and pebble layers due to drilling in softer formations. The long spiral drill pipe has the characteristics of fast drilling speed, good drilling shape, high drilling efficiency, greater torque, stable operation, automatic locking of spring pins, convenient and quick disassembly, etc. When drilling deep holes, the drill rod is equipped with a split pin at the same time, which increases the transmission torque and greatly reduces the loss of DTH Bit. And it adopts plug-in threaded connection, which is convenient and quick to disassemble and assemble, good sealing, high tensile strength, and high quality of piles. Good verticality, easy to disassemble and install.