2020 RS Summer Beach Party Will Coming

  • The Summer Beach Party will be held from July 20 to August 10, 2020. This event is very attractive. It is worth paying attention to players. If you have any items you need, you can buy them. Buy Runescape Gold at RSGOLDB2C will greatly improve your efficiency.

    In this activity, players can participate in some interesting activities, such as beach ball rolling, sandcastle construction, shy coconuts, big smoke barbecue, and dungeon holes. Every 15 minutes, a different activity will take place. Players who join in the spotlight will gain an additional 10% experience. The full temperature table on the left side of the screen indicates how close the player is to the daily experience limit. You will have 3 chances to eat ice cream every day and you can top up three times. On the weekend, the temperature will soar and generate a heatwave that will continue from noon on Friday to noon on Monday. In the heatwave, even if the thermometer is full, the player can maintain his skills.

    What can you get at a summer beach party?

    During this RS Summer Beach Party 2020, some unique rewards will be provided. You will have access to new costumes, a cute matching pet, Shade Thrower rest animation, and three new checkerboard designs. In addition, there will be some weapon replacements, including level wands and bucket orbs, Trident of the Neptune Summoner, and shark bait spear.

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