Introduction Of Petrol Log Splitter Stuck

  •      The reasons for the stuck performance of the Performance Built Log Splitter:
         When wood is crushed by the Performance Built Log Splitter, the general feeding method is generally flat feeding. The performance of the Performance Built Log Splitter will jam the feeding roller mainly because of a large amount of mandatory feeding or the thickness of the fed wood. It may have exceeded the specifications.
    After crushing
         Performance Built Log Splitter stuck reduction method:
         At first, the feed volume should be controlled reasonably: As long as you usually pay attention not to directly stuff thick materials larger than specifications, or large bundles of raw materials into the Performance Built Log Splitter, this phenomenon generally does not occur. Secondly, the raw materials should be fed in the length direction according to the raw materials, and placed in the horizontal feed. If the raw material really gets stuck in the silo, it can only be stabbed with a wooden roller. It is strictly forbidden to stabb it with an iron rod. If it falls into the silo, it will not only damage the equipment, but also cause personal accidents. If the improper matching with the conveying equipment is added, the discharge pipe will be blocked after the wind is weakened or there is no wind; in this situation, the mismatched conveying equipment should be cleaned first, and the feeding amount should be adjusted to make the equipment slowly The operation is normal.
        The above introduction to Petrol Log Splitter is over here, and I hope to bring you some help.