Introduction To The Trial Run Of Performance Built Log Splitter

  • At the beginning of the Performance Built Log Splitter test run, the straight material testing machine with a length of about 2 meters and a length of 4 meters should be selected according to the small, medium and large models, respectively, and avoid using special hardwood and super large diameter, too curved material testing machines. The following Lianxin Machinery will explain to you how to maintain the circuit inspection of the wood chip machine:

    One. The equipment is placed stably, and the installation direction is determined according to the actual situation and raw materials on site. Usually, small models do not need to be manufactured on a basic basis, and users can use them directly on the testing machine. For medium-sized and above equipment, the main engine foundation and basic foundation of the feeding and discharging conveying system shall be made according to the basic drawing provided by the manufacturer, and then the manufacturer shall designate professional technicians to guide and install;

    1. Before use, check whether the circuit and oil circuit are connected safely according to the instruction manual. Under normal circumstances, the tension of each chain, V-belt and transmission mechanism is adjusted when the equipment leaves the factory, or it can be adjusted by the on-site installation personnel of the manufacturer. The user should always check in the future use process.
    2. The blade is made of alloy steel. After long-term use, if it is worn or replaced, loosen the fastening screw of the blade, remove the blade for grinding and adjustment, when the wear is too large, replace with a new type of blade;

    four. When the Petrol Log Splitter is connected to the power supply, connect the 380V three-phase power supply from the switch box or switch cabinet. First, check whether there are debris and branches around the equipment that affect the operation. After energizing, first determine the direction of rotation of the feeding roller, and let the equipment idle for about 5 minutes. Listen carefully and observe whether the equipment is abnormal.