A Brief Introduction To The Role Of Gasoline Log Splitter

  • Lumberjack Log Splitter is a big guy. When buying such equipment, customers should clearly know the output you need and the length of the finished product, so that we can provide you with more suitable equipment.
    The small-sized Lumberjack Log Splitter can crush raw materials with a diameter of about 14 cm, an output of 300-350 kg per hour, and a price of about 85,000. The medium-sized Lumberjack Log Splitter will be larger, which means that the diameter of the feed is increased, and the amount of the feed is also larger. The feed diameter of medium-sized equipment for crushing is about 16 cm, and the output of powder wood per hour is 500-550 kg. The large-scale Lumberjack Log Splitter is more commonly used, because its output has been greatly improved compared with small and medium-sized equipment, but the price difference is not very large. The feed diameter of the large-scale crusher for crushing wood is more than 20 cm, and the output per hour is as high as more than 1000 kg. The price is around 100,000 yuan.
    Is Gasoline Log Splitter just beating wood into sawdust? What can these sawdust do? Is Gasoline Log Splitter just beating wood into sawdust? What can these sawdust do? Cnsuperpower  machine answers for you. Simply put, Gasoline Log Splitter adopts self-driving, impact, grinding and self-grinding methods to pulverize materials through fast rotating blades. Gasoline Log Splitter uses blades to smash wood, and the blades directly determine the quality of the equipment to a large extent. Because the price of blades with different materials will be different, the materials generally used in the market are alloy steel, high manganese steel, and nine silicon.