Introduction Of Specific Products Of Rectangular Enameled Alumi


    In the magnet wire industry, in addition to copper wires, aluminum wires have also begun to enter and be used in different scenarios, such as Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wires.
    Rectangular enameled aluminum wire specifications:
    1) Diameter range (mm): a: 1-10 b: 3-16
    2) Color: natural color, red, blue, green, etc.
    3) Enamel primer: polyester, modified polyester, polyester imide, polyvinyl polyimide
    4) Type: enameled aluminum wire
    5) Standards: IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS
    6) Temli Class (C): 130155180, 200, 220
    Features of rectangular enameled aluminum wire:
    1) Excellent bending performance
    2) High flexibility of enamel
    3) Good wear resistance
    4) High mechanical performance
    5) Higher thermal performance
    6) Good resistance to refrigerants and Freon
    7) Suitable for windings subjected to continuous high temperature and mechanical stress
    8) Good chemical resistance
    9) Excellent mechanical and chemical properties
    Application of rectangular enameled aluminum wire:
    1) 120 degree flat enameled wire for oil-immersed transformer
    2) 130155,180 degree flat enameled wire is widely used in various electromagnetic coils
    3) 200 degrees flat enameled wire continues to work under high temperature
    4) 240 degree flat enameled wire of electromagnetic coil for aviation, military and ship
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