Insulation Material Of Enameled Copper Wire

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    Copper is used for motor windings, transformer windings, and induction coils. The insulating layer can be a paint film, called enamel, polyester fiber or glass fiber yarn. Or a combination of enamel and fiber insulation. The fibrous insulating material can be impregnated with varnish to bond the insulating material to the conductor and enhance heat resistance. If it is bare copper wire, the winding will cause a short circuit, so a layer of enamel coating should be applied to act as an insulator and make the winding possible. This is done by immersing the copper in the enamel solution, "pulling" the copper to the desired thickness/diameter and curing it. This kind of enameled wire/insulated copper wire is called magnet wire.
    However, bare copper is used for electrical wiring and connections, including grounding.
    Magnet wire is also called winding wire. There are many types of thin film insulation from temperature class 105 to class 240. Each film type has its own unique feature set to suit specific application requirements
    The shelf life of the magnet wire is not determined in the commercial specifications. As long as the wire is properly stored, it may be available in the next few years. Solderable wires must not be stored at temperatures exceeding 100°F. The purity of electrolytic tough pitch (ETP copper, UNS C11000) exceeds 99.9%, which is the most widely used type in magnet wire production. It is intentionally oxidized (200-400 ppm) to achieve the best combination of conductivity, cold workability and economy.
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