Aluminum Magnet Wire Has Better Mechanical Stability


    We are one of the manufacturers of enameled wire, and aluminium Magnet wire is one of our main products.
    Enameled wire paint is applied to copper and aluminum round and flat wires used in motors, transformers, generators and electrical measuring instruments. They are cured onto the wires by heating. The main function of the coating is electrical insulation. Enameled wire is also called the main insulation material. Sometimes the covered wire is called "magnet wire".
    Wire insulated with enameled wire
    Enameled wire paint can be applied on up to 30 layers of copper and aluminum wires. This provides electrical insulation and helps short-circuit the windings. These enameled wire paints must also have good chemical resistance and heat resistance, must bond well with copper or aluminum wires, and have excellent mechanical stability.
    In some cases, for example, when used in an inverter-driven motor, a suitable insulating layer should resist possible partial discharges, which may cause the motor to short-circuit and malfunction.
    Coated wires vary greatly depending on their purpose. Some may be smaller than the diameter of a human hair, such as in the electronic parts of a watch. But in heavy motors in wind turbines, the diameter of round or flat wires can reach several millimeters.
    Depending on the shape and diameter of the wire to be coated, wire paint can be applied differently. Horizontal or vertical application, or application with mold or felt, is a typical wire coating method.
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