Attempt To Weld Aluminum Magnet Wire

  • The aluminium Magnet wire makes welding difficult due to the special feature of aluminum, that is, the existence of oxide film. But it is not without a solution.

    Aluminum can be welded, but there are many key areas that require strict control. The tough alumina makes most attempts at welding using traditional methods difficult. Flux must be used because the aluminum oxide layer is formed quickly, which is difficult to remove and prevents the solder from wetting the aluminum. Compared with aluminum, the reason why aluminum oxide is more difficult to remove than copper is that compared with the 660°C of pure aluminum, the melting point of aluminum oxide is very high, 2030°C. Another reason why alumina is difficult to remove is its high corrosion resistance value. Therefore, more corrosive fluxes are usually required, such as organic amine-based fluxes (up to 285°C) or inorganic fluxes (such as sodium hydroxide up to 400°C). Ultrasonic soldering baths can also be used to crack the oxide layer and wet the aluminum without the use of flux.

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