Aluminum Magnet Wire Improves Performance

  • The aluminium Magnet wire is a common magnet wire. Enameled aluminum magnet wire is mainly used as an electrical conductor when the coil is in motion. Due to the low density of aluminum, the weight of the coil can be reduced to one third of that of a similar copper coil. This weight advantage makes moving parts easier and more efficient to accelerate, thereby improving performance, for example: reducing the access time of the hard drive, and improving the sound quality and sensitivity of the speakers and voice coil. For these applications, self-bonding aluminum wires are mainly used.

    The diameter of enameled aluminum magnet wire ranges from 0.030mm to 0.500mm (AWG 48-24), with all types of insulated and self-adhesive enameled wires. All aluminum wires comply with EN AW-1350A (E-Al), which can be used in the electrical industry and are guaranteed to meet electrical conductivity requirements.