Test Results Of Aluminum Magnet Wire

  • You may have used copper magnet wire, which is one of the common products on the market. However, as a rising star, aluminium Magnet wire also plays an increasingly important role.

    We can provide 0.30~5.00mm wire gauge and 155~220℃ heat-resistant grade aluminum magnet wire. This specification range is relatively wide. If these specifications are not suitable, we can customize it for you.

    After testing and combining the product's own characteristics, we found that enameled round aluminum wire is particularly suitable for household appliances, transformer windings and industrial motor windings.

    For the characteristics of the aluminum magnet wire, we have tested it in various aspects, and the results are as follows:

    (A) Good thermal stability;

    (B) Excellent mechanical properties, such as low rebound and scratch resistance;

    (C) Excellent heat resistance, refrigerant resistance and solvent resistance;

    (D) Insulation uniformity;

    (E) High breakdown voltage, etc.

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