How To Weld Aluminum Magnet Wire

  • The aluminium Magnet wires usually encounter welding problems, so how should aluminum wires be welded? The mainstream aluminum and aluminum welding methods are as follows:

    1. WEWELDING M51 welding wire with a low temperature of 179 degrees and M51-F flux welding. The welding method is to heat the mother body and then use the welding wire to apply the flux to the welding part. The heat conduction of the mother body melts the welding wire with the flux.
    2. WEWELDING53 with a low temperature of 385 degrees. This is not fussy about aluminum alloy materials. Any aluminum-based material can be low-temperature brazing, and it can also be used for argon arc welding, with the special stainless steel root brush welding for 53. After heating the mother body and then marking the mother body with the welding wire, completely relying on the heat conduction of the mother body to melt the welding wire like a candle to the red iron, brush the cut welding layer with the root brush, and then draw the welding wire again and cool down to form.
    3. Flux-cored Weiouding 303 low-temperature aluminum welding wire at low temperature of 430 degrees, heating the matrix, welding the welding part with a large angle of the welding wire, the flame tip is slightly lifted the welding wire tip to form.
    4. For aluminum argon arc welding, if it is 220V power, use WSE200 or WSME250 welding machine, if it is 380V, use WSME400B or WSME500.