How To Control The Line Speed Ratio Of Round Enameled Wire

  • The purpose of winding and arranging the round enameled wire is to continuously, tightly and evenly wind the enameled wire on the spool. The wire take-up mechanism is required to drive smoothly, with low noise, proper tension and regular wire arrangement. In the quality problems of enameled wire, the proportion of returns due to poor wire collection and arranging is very large, which is mainly manifested in the large wire tension, the wire diameter is thinned or the wire reel burst; the wire tension is small, and the wire reel Loose lines cause chaotic lines, and uneven lines cause chaotic lines. Although most of these problems are caused by improper operation, it is necessary to take necessary measures to bring convenience to the operators.

    The take-up tension is very important, which mainly depends on the operator's hand control. According to experience, some data are provided as follows: the thick line of about 1.0mm is about 10% of the non-stretching tension, the middle line is about 15% of the non-stretching tension, the thin line is about 20% of the non-stretching tension, and the fine line is about the non-stretching tension. Of 25%.

    It is very important to reasonably determine the ratio of the winding speed and the winding speed. Small cable spacing can easily cause uneven lines on the spool. If the line spacing is too small, the next few turns of the wire will be pressed against the first few turns when the wire is taken up, and it will suddenly collapse after reaching a certain height, making the next loop of wire Pressed under the previous circle of the line, the user will break the line when using it, affecting the use. The wire pitch is too large, the first batch of wires and the second batch of wires are arranged in a cross shape, the enameled wire on the wire reel has many gaps, the capacity of the wire reel is reduced, and the appearance of the enameled wire is messy. Generally, the center distance between the wires of the wire reel with a smaller core is three times the wire diameter; for the reel with a larger diameter, the center distance between the wires is three to five times the wire diameter. The reference value of line speed ratio is 1:1.7~2.