Main Properties Of Enameled Copper Wire

  • After enameled copper wire related products are manufactured, whether their appearance, size and performance meet the requirements of the product's technical standards and the user's technical agreement must be judged by inspection. After measurement, testing, and comparison with the product’s technical standards or user’s technical agreement, those who meet the requirements are qualified, otherwise, they are unqualified. Through the inspection, it can reflect the stability of the enameled wire product quality and the rationality of the material technology. Therefore, the quality inspection has the function of checking, preventing and identifying. The content of enameled wire inspection includes: appearance, size inspection and measurement and performance test. The properties include: mechanical properties, chemical properties, thermal properties and electrical properties. Now we mainly explain the appearance and size.

    Take the Round Enameled Copper Wire as an example. The surface (appearance) of the enameled copper wire should be smooth, uniform in color, free of particles, oxidation, hairiness, yin and yang, black spots, paint stripping and other defects that affect performance. The cable should be flat and tightly wound on the wire reel without pressure Line, retract and unwind freely. There are many factors affecting the surface, which are related to factors such as raw materials, equipment, technology, and environment.