Industry And Application Of Enameled Aluminum Wire

  • Enameled round wire includes enameled copper wire and enameled aluminum wire. The insulating or protective layer used on enameled round wires is a polymer film (varnish), which is made of a variety of resins (usually polyester, polyglass or polyamide), which can provide strong and continuous protection for the wire Layer, and can be wound multiple times in the coil without short circuit. Various types of varnishes will produce different characteristics or characteristics, such as:

    High fever index (AI)

    Abrasion resistance (NY)

    Self-adhesive (SB)

    Self-lubricating (SL)

    The enameled round wire meets the temperature class of 105°C to 240°C, and can guarantee a service life of 20,000 hours at the rated temperature. Magnet wires come in various sizes and shapes, such as rectangles, squares and circles. Enameled wires with a thermoplastic layer to bond the coils together are used to create self-supporting coils, thereby eliminating the need for spools and accommodating compact spaces in various electronic applications.

    The electromagnetic coil converts electrical energy into an electromagnetic field. This helps to achieve a variety of functions, such as increasing the voltage in the transformer, generating sound in headphones and speakers, powering the motor, providing volume control, positioning the transducer, and other resistor functions.

    Industry and Application

    The magnet wire industry, including Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire, has higher requirements for high-quality and reliable enameled round wires because electronics and electromagnetic applications are key components in the ever-developing industry. Sam Dong's production facilities include online testers for enamel coating to ensure continuous and stable quality. In addition to testing, our online coating machine also has simultaneous drawing and coating functions, which can improve production efficiency, excellent resistance and reliable wire tension.