Facts About Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

  • For a long time, many professionals have expressed doubts about Copper Clad Aluminum Wire. Like most industries, the wiring industry will not change immediately. As new technologies emerge, they must prove their value over time before they can be accepted. However, new evidence proves that in some applications, CCA has obvious advantages over pure copper.

    For more than a century, solid copper has been the standard for many different wiring applications. Over the years, the insulation methods of insulated cables and connectors have changed and developed, but the use of copper conductors has not changed since the electrical wiring system was first used in the 1800s. That is because copper naturally has high conductivity and low resistance. But literally, it comes at a price. Copper is one of the most widely used metals today and the only metal commonly used as a conductor. This demand makes copper very expensive. The price of copper maybe three to four times that of aluminum. Therefore, the use of copper magnet wire is more expensive than copper clad aluminum wire.