Fake Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Has Network Problems

  • In the network equipment industry, more and more people worry that a large number of multi-conductor communication cables are disguised as Copper Clad Aluminum Wire, copper-clad steel, and other non-standard conductors that are disguised as Category 5e or even Category 6 cables.

    These non-compliant and usually counterfeit cable products on the market may cause serious problems for the companies that use them and the cable installers and engineers who place these products in the customer's network environment.

    Although these products look like standard cables, and in some cases, they look like them, but there are obvious differences between them, which may cause network problems and security risks.

    The existence of counterfeit cables is not a new issue for the industry; experts say that counterfeit or non-standard cable products have been on the market for several years. This is a persistent problem and will not go away. Part of the reason is that many companies are looking for cheap network solutions, and these cable products tend to be cheaper.

    Existing methods of identifying these non-standard products have only been partially successful. In order for the industry to effectively solve the problems of CCA and other non-standard copper magnet wire and cable products, new methods are needed.