Precautions For Round Enameled Wire Winding

  • Process considerations of enameled winding wire:

    1. Winding process Since the abrasion on the surface of the round enameled wire is an insulating layer, metal objects are easy to scratch the corners, so please pay attention to the process of contact between the winding mechanical parts and the enameled wire and minimize the glaze to avoid paint damage.
    2. The winding tension during the winding process should be as small as possible to reduce the tension applied to the enameled wire to minimize the change in the properties of the enameled wire.


    Confirm before use. Before using the engineering enamel winding machine, carefully check the enamel model and whether the specifications meet the requirements to avoid abnormalities. Pay attention to the fact that the enamel coating is very thin and is easily damaged by sharp objects. Be careful during handling to avoid damage due to enamel collision. The former must first maintain the storage integrity of the enamel packaging to prevent damage caused by leaving the packaging contaminated by the enamel; the enamel is usually stored away from dust, metal chips, moisture and sunlight.

    But copper magnet wire can be welded directly without peeling off the outer layer. The insulating layer has weldable polyester heat-resistant resin and polyamide resin, so when the fluorine resin insulating sleeve shrinks and copper is exposed in the weldable layer, it has Excellent solderability.