Introduction To Enameled Copper Wire

  • For the manufacturing process of enameled copper wire, a copper metal must undergo a purification process in which all impurities of the metal are removed through electrolysis and chemical processes. Touching bare copper wires may be dangerous and may also cause fire accidents due to spark current. This is the main reason for its use in major repairs and underground sources. PVC insulated copper wire or tinned copper wire is widely used for household electrical purposes. If you want to know several popular varieties of copper wire and related products, please browse them and their uses:

    Copper wire cable: Copper wire cable refers to a classification composed of different types of twisted copper wires. These varieties are considered absolutely safe, durable and sturdy, and are used as basic materials in the cable industry. These cables can also be used for household purposes. The copper wire cable can be bare or PVC insulated. These copper wire cables are resistant to corrosion and oil.

    Bare copper wire: Bare copper wire is considered to be made of copper with a purity of 99.9%. It can be drawn into thick or thin lines according to customer requirements. Bare copper wires are widely used in the cable industry, underground trains, power transformers, subways and buses, and various electrical appliances.

    Round flat wire: This type of copper wire has a round shape. They are drawn from the circular wire entrance. Round Enameled Copper Wire is widely used in multiple sliding mold forming, high-speed stamping, transformer winding and various other electrical appliances. These wires become stiff when undergoing alternative heating and cooling processes. Alternative methods related to heating and cooling provide the required strength and flexibility for such wires.