Enameled CCA Wire Has High Superconductivity

  • The density of enameled CCA wire is lower than that of enameled round copper wire, the maximum density is 3.63 g/cm3, which is the same as the product, and the yield is about 2.45 times higher than enameled round copper wire. Every ton of enameled copper clad aluminum can be saved. 1.45 tons of copper saves both cost and resources.


    The performance of enameled copper clad aluminum wire fully meets the performance of enameled round copper wire, high superconductivity, and good frequency effect. The main uses of enameled copper-clad aluminum wire: coils for various purposes, high-quality sound, TV deflection ring excitation coils, and electronic industrial equipment. Microwaves, electronic toys, various microelectronic equipment, micro motors. Artificial heart pacemakers, etc., with the promotion of copper-clad aluminum wires, can gradually replace most of the copper rectangular enameled wire.