Related Parameters Of Drawer Mold


    We are one of the professional mold manufacturers. Among them, the Drawer Mould is one of our products. Here we mainly introduce the relevant parameters of the drawer mould.
    We believe that the advantages of plastic drawer molds are divided into 4 aspects:
    1. Compared with traditional wooden furniture, it is slightly better in terms of anti-mold and easy to clean; common wooden furniture is prone to mold in the long-term humid air, while the problem of plastic furniture is much smaller;
    2. Lightweight is also a big advantage, we can place or change its position at will; the purpose of making the best use of the room has been achieved.
    3. Our drawer mould can be customized into the shape you want, getting rid of the stereotyped image of square and square, not only personalized, but also colorful colors can bring you a bright and lively feeling;
    4. Environmental protection is also a major feature of ours. Our materials are degradable and recyclable environmentally friendly PP materials that meet the standards.
    We have 21 years of experience in manufacturing molds, and we have invested heavily in equipment and technical personnel, because we attach great importance to the quality of products and the good reputation of service. If you are interested, welcome to consult and contact us!