Users May Be Concerned About The Four Major Problems Of Pitcher


    We are a professional mold manufacturer. You may have used Pitcher Mold s. That may be the shadow of our products, because water tank molds are also one of our products. The water tank molds we produce have the following 4 characteristics:
    1. Anti-slip reinforced handles: we can see that the handles are generally arched and trapezoidal, with a hollowed out design in the middle, which not only anti-slip reinforcement but also saves materials;
    2. Scale display: It is helpful to clearly perceive the amount of water in the pot, which is more humane;
    3. The design of the grooved cover: not only saves space, but also has a thicker material, waterproof and anti-scalding;
    4. The mold material is made of PP or PVC for food, it is safe to use;
    If you are interested or want to learn more about our products, please consult and contact us.