How To Easily Remove Scale From Pitcher Mould


    We are one of the professional mold manufacturers, and the Pitcher Mould is one of our products. Jug molds are usually called kettle molds. After buying the water tank mold, long-term use will definitely cause scale problems. How to solve this problem? Here are several ways to remove scale at home.
    Lemon method descaling
      Chop a lemon and put it in a pot to boil and let it soak for a period of time. The scale can be easily removed. Supermarkets also sell detergents for descaling. The main ingredient is citric acid, which has the same effect as lemon.
    Boiled potato to remove scale
      In the new kettle, put half a kettle of sweet potato, fill it with water, boil the sweet potato, and then boil the water to avoid the accumulation of scale. But be careful not to scrub the inner wall of the kettle after boiled sweet potatoes, otherwise the descaling effect will be lost. For old kettles that are already full of scale, after using the above method once or twice, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, but also can play a role in preventing the accumulation of scale again.
    Baking soda descaling
       When boiling water with a scaled aluminum kettle, put 1 teaspoon of baking soda, boil for a few minutes, and the scale will be removed.
    Boiled eggs to remove scale
       A pot of boiling water, the scale is hard to remove after a long time. If you use it to boil eggs twice, you will get the desired effect.
    Potato peels for descaling
      A thin layer of scale will accumulate after the aluminum pot or pot is used for a period of time. Put the potato skins inside, add appropriate amount of water, boil, and cook for about 10 minutes to remove.
    Thermal expansion and cold shrinkage
    Put the empty kettle on the stove to dry the water in the scale. When the bottom of the kettle is cracked or there is a "bang" at the bottom of the kettle, remove the kettle and quickly fill it with cold water, or wrap the handle and Hold the spout with both hands and quickly sit the boiled kettle in cold water (do not let water pour into the kettle). Repeat 2 to 3 times, the scale on the bottom of the pot will fall off due to thermal expansion and contraction.
    Vinegar descaling
       If the kettle has lime scale, put a few even vinegar into the water and boil it for one or two hours to remove the lime scale. If the main ingredient in the scale is calcium sulfate, pour the soda ash solution into a kettle and boil it for descaling.
    Mask to prevent water scale
       Put a clean mask in the kettle. When boiling water, the scale will be absorbed by the mask.
    Magnetized descaling
    Put a magnet in the pot, not only does not accumulate, the boiling water is magnetized, but also has the effect of preventing constipation and pharyngitis.
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