Armchair Mould And Our Products


    We are a professional mold manufacturer, among which Armchair Mold is one of our products. We produce various plastic molds, including the following items, but not limited to the following items:
    Industrial trash can mold, industrial trash can mold, industrial trash can mold, plastic pallet mold, single-sided pallet mold, double-sided pallet mold, European standard pallet mold, plastic turnover box mold, multi-cavity turnover box mold, 4-cavity turnover box mold, 2-cavity turnover box mold, Coca-Cola bottle box mold, milk box mold, vegetable box mold, fruit box mold, fish box mold, thin-walled box mold, foldable box mold, bottle box mold, plastic tool box mold, gas assist chair mold etc. China mold
    Some household commodity molds are listed below, and some examples are provided:
    Plastic chair mold, daily chair mold, armless chair mold, armchair mold, foldable chair mold, beach chair mold, leisure chair mold, garden chair mold, baby chair mold, dinner chair mold, bus chair mold, plastic stool mold, plastic table mold, PC chair mold, plug-in interchangeable chair mold, plastic hanger mold, cloth hanger mold, plastic drawer mold, sanitary ware mold, plastic storage container mold, storage box mold , plastic spoon mold, disposable spoon mold, tableware mold, plastic fork mold, plastic knife mold, household trash can mold, plastic basin mold, plastic basket mold, plastic bucket mold, plastic cup mold, etc.,
    Packaging molds we make:
    Plastic bottle cap mold, PET preform mold, food container mold, paint bucket mold, lid and handle mold, cosmetic jar mold, flip cap mold, push-pull cap mold, bottle cap mold, aviation cup mold, etc.,
    plastic pipe mold we made
    PVC pipe fitting mold, UPVC pipe fitting mold, PPR pipe fitting mold, PE pipe fitting mold, PP pipe fitting mold, elbow fitting mold, reducing pipe mold, three-way pipe fitting mold, P-type trap mold, Yi pipe fitting mold, etc.,
    Auto parts molds we manufacture:
    Automobile panel mold, automobile door mold, airbag mold, automobile logo mold, automobile front roof mold, automobile DVD player mold, automobile door handle system, etc.
    This is just a part of the sample mold. We have listed some of them. We can manufacture any type of plastic mold, such as two-color injection mold (2K mold), gas-assisted injection mold, stacked mold, thin-wall injection mold, etc.
    We always keep in mind the excellent mold quality, competitive price, fast delivery time and perfect service. If you have any items related to plastic injection molds, please send inquiries through our official website. We sincerely hope to start a good cooperation with you in the near future. If you have established a chair molding line or need a plastic chair mold, you can also contact us.
    In addition, the Basket Mold is also our product, if you want to know more information, please consult and contact us.