We Can Provide Armchair Mould Equipment


    We are a professional mold manufacturer, among which Armchair Mold is one of our products.
    Chairs are one of the main furniture essential in our daily lives. There are many different styles of modern chairs, from appearance to raw materials to injection molding technology. Our molds provide customers with armchair molds, children's chair molds, armchair-free molds, two-color chair molds and gas assisted chair molds.
    Usually, customers like different styles of backrests and seat cushions. For example, the same mold has 3 backrests, 2 seat cushion parts and 4 color combinations. Customers can produce chairs in 24 different colors.
    If customers need to build a complete plastic chair molding line, we can also provide customers with equipment, installation and training services. Equipment includes: plastic chair mold, injection molding machine and auxiliary machine. Gas-assisted chairs are usually designed in novel styles, but they require special materials. Due to the many production steps of the gas-assisted chair, the mold structure is complex, and the required technical level is high. Therefore, the chairs produced are much more expensive than ordinary chairs.
    Among them, the Basket Mold is also one of our products. If you are interested in our products, please consult and contact us.