Production Characteristics Of Flowerpot Mould

  • Flower Pot Mold  is our product, do you know its molding process? The injection molding process involves mixing plastic raw materials pe or pe, using an injection molding machine to heat and melt them and inject them into the plastic flowerpot mold under high pressure, cool and shape, and take it out with a robot to become a semi -finished product. Some can be sold directly, and some can be sold. Need printing processing. The blister process is to squeeze the plastic raw materials into sheets with the sheet machine, and then form them with air pressure through the blister machine, and then form the holes with the punching machine. This process mainly produces two-color flower pots, which are extremely fast and reduce cost, not easy to break and other characteristics.

    In addition, the Pitcher Mold  is also our product. It is a container for storing water, which can be regarded as a large drinking cup or as a tool for storing water and watering flowers.