Introduction Of Armchair Mould

  • The armchair is produced and processed from the Armchair Mould. Two kinds of modern armchairs and travel armchairs are discussed here. Modern armchairs are an outstanding example of the application of ergonomic design in the seating part. It is conceived to fit the human spine and automatically change its composition according to the different sitting postures of the human body to provide more comfortable support. The seat and the back are completely independent, so it can be adapted to the needs of the user without manual adjustment: if the body is straight, the chair presents a comfortable vertical position; if the sitting person leans forward to write, the seat automatically tilts down 6; When you are relaxing, the seat will slide forward, and the back of the chair will tilt back. If you push it again, its inclination can increase by 12; to make the sitting posture more relaxed.

    The travel armchair can be folded and contracted, and it is compact and easy to carry. The overall design is based on engineering mechanics, and the force on each point is even. The bracket design makes full use of the triangular stability principle to make the whole stable without shaking.

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