The Choice Of Cabinet Mould

  • In addition to chair moulds, Cabinet Moulds are also one of our main products. There are many types of cabinets. The advantages and disadvantages of each type are analyzed below.

    Solid wood cabinets

    We usually use solid wood cabinets most often. This cabinet is well recognized by consumers. Its advantage is environmental protection. However, cabinets made of high-end solid wood are generally more expensive. Of course, they are made of solid wood. The cabinets are also cheaper.

    PVC cabinet

      The well-known blister board cabinet is the PVC cabinet that everyone often refers to. The advantage of this cabinet is that it is more waterproof and moisture-proof, but because it cannot withstand high temperatures, it is quite easy to deform.

    Stainless steel cabinets

       Nowadays, the more fashionable cabinets on the market are stainless steel cabinets. Its advantage is that it is easy to clean and is favored by young consumers. However, its biggest disadvantage is its poor heatstroke prevention performance.

    Plexiglass cabinets

      Plexiglass cabinets, which look quite high-end in the cabinets, feel quite comfortable, easy to clean and durable, but it is more troublesome to install, and a little problem will cause endless troubles.

    Refractory board cabinet

       Refractory board cabinets, you can tell by their name that they are resistant to high temperatures, and the color is quite bright and beautiful, but its quality is difficult to guarantee. If it is not used properly, it is prone to degumming and deformation.

    Melamine board cabinets

      Compared with the previous cabinets, the cabinet made of melamine board has a better overall quality. Although its water resistance is not very good, it has the advantages of resistance to friction, impact, high temperature, heat, acid, and alkali.

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