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  • The New York free season in the WNBA Bradenton bubble is over, but virtual competitors are preparing to play. 2K Sports announced the next-generation NBA 2K21 next-generation host player rankings, which is the latest part of its long-term professional basketball simulator. This game will feature the second season of WNBA teams and will score each of the league's 12 teams. The star teams in NBA 2K21 are favored by many players, so more and more people will form teams through NBA 2K21 MT.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, the rebuilt Liberty has maintained a record of 2-20 with a record of 7-20 rookies in a year, the lowest ranking among the 12 teams in the WNBA. However, New York may still be the most popular choice, as the touted rookie Sabrina Ionescu leads with an overall rating of 81 points. The record-breaking college style Ionescu was the best candidate for the WNBA draft in April and played three games with the Liberty before retiring due to an ankle injury. Although she did not prevent players and streamers from joining her later, she did not participate in the official list last year.

    The third-year women and the 2019 WNBA All-Star Kia Nurses ranked second with 81 points. She joined Ionescu as one of the five free agents among the top 100 players in the 2K WNBA. She also joined Layshia Clarendon, Asia Durr and Amanda Zahui B (all ranked with 79 points).

    Players may also be attracted to freedom by shooting three-pointers. The New Yorker actually tried 600 three-game winning streaks and allowed 80 players to get 6 three-pointers. Rebecca Allen (Rebecca Allen) is one of the few players to withdraw from the 2020 campaign, first leading in the 86s and then buying ParisKea in the mid-85s. Allen, Megan Walker and Jocelyn Willoughby were also awarded the "3-PT Expert" label. In other respects, New York has an athletic ability rating of 82, while the Los Angeles Sparks are the best in the 2K WNBA. Players may not reach the level of these characters in the game, but as long as you Buy MT from GameMS, you can win.

    The game obtained the WNBA license for the second consecutive year, which greatly expanded the scope of cooperation with Assocation. The next-generation console version will have a custom player mode and franchise mode. NBA 2K21 will be released for the XBox series X/S on November 10, and will be released on PlayStation 5 two days later.

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