Chiefs' Travis Kelce (Travis Kelce) won twice on Thursday

  • Travis Kelce had an important day on Thursday. The front end of the Chiefs learned that he was Walter Payton's annual community service nominee, which was his nomination for community service, and that he was a rare prize winner of Madden NFL 21. There are many excellent characters in madden 21, but only Madden 21 Coins can make it easier for you to unlock them.

    Kells said: "I have played Madden all my life, and everyone I admired in the 90s played a role in it," Kells said: Level 99. "Of course, I reached the top of the mountain in a video game."

    Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes awarded Kelce the video game honor, just as Kelce did for him earlier this year. The Kellsman donated $750,000 to charity in Kansas City and its local Cleveland community through his 87&Running Foundation, winning him the team's Walter Payton nodded.

    "Over the years, especially last year, what I have achieved in the field with my teammates means to understand better that the achievements in the field are changing the lives of Kansas City and other people here in Cleveland Heights."

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