Take-Two commented on the price increase of NBA 2K21

  • This year’s latest NBA 2K21 will launch soon. When 2K Games announced the pricing of NBA 2K21, all players were taken aback. Because before the price of NBA 2K20 was only 60 US dollars, but now NBA 2K21 requires players to spend 70 US dollars to play. Many people expressed strong dissatisfaction and expressed their indignation on major social platforms. But it has to say that there will still be 2K loyal fans who will spend so much money to buy NBA 2K21 and many NBA 2K21 MT to enter the game.

    Recently, some people explain and support the NBA 2K21 price increase, which is opposed by players. The owner of Take-Two Interactive also said that it should price the next generation of NBA 2K games like NBA 2K21. In an interview with gameindustry, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick asked about price increases. Zernike said that although the production costs of first-line games are much higher, there has been no price increase for a long time. They believe that the value and hard work experienced by NBA 2K21 is worth the players to spend 70 dollars to play it. It is precisely because the NBA 2K21 created by the developers is so good that they have the confidence to set the price to such a high new level.

    However, on Take-Two’s latest earnings conference call, Zelnick once again questioned its decision to price NBA 2K21 at $70 on the next-generation console. Zelnick revealed that 2K will announce NBA 2K21 at a price of $70. It shows that not all 2K future games on Xbox 2 they price X and PS5 at $70. Although the development cost of the recent version of 2K is high, the price of first-line games has not risen for a long time. They believe that NBA 2K21 must be the best quality game this year. None of them.

    2K players have been looking forward to NBA 2K21 for a long time. The game company believes the increase in game playability will enhance that players’ participation. However, the negative effect that follows is that other game companies may also follow the 2K company’s behavior and increase the price of their games. It is also a phenomenon that will definitely happen with the trend. Players who want to enter 2K but are not yet ready should Buy Cheap NBA 2K21 MT as soon as possible to meet the upcoming new content.