POE 3.12 will announce in early September and PC players will e

  • The POE team Grinding Gear Games released an announcement to the players a few days ago. The announcement is that they will release the 3.12 extension at the beginning of September. And on September 18th, PC players will experience a brand new expansion. From the time point of view, if the duration of Harvest is exactly three months from June 19 to September 18, which is in line with the cycle of the game team launching a new league. Players can now prepare POE Currency not only for the new league in September but also for a better experience in the current Harvest League.

    The game team usually launches new leagues at a rate of once every 13 weeks. Players can also see the impact of the global epidemic this year. The developers had to spend a week longer than usual to produce the perfect and fun Harvest League. Fortunately, the POE players are very sensible and did not make any unhappy remarks. They all understand and support the work of the development team and express their expectations for their next work performance. However, the longer development cycle of Harvest means that the development of the new league in September will compress to less than twelve weeks.

    Since the current Harvest League is too popular with players, they feel they have enough energy and time to develop the next new league. It also caused them to set the release date for the next expansion in early September. Although players still don’t know what they call the new league, they only have to wait until September 18 to see the new league. Players on the console will experience it on September 23rd.

    Faced with the addition of more and more fresh content, although the POE team feels under great pressure, they will always insist on maintaining the balance of the game and continue to add interesting content to the game to keep players’ loyalty to the game from falling. Innovation and emphasis on player experience are the key factors for the brilliant success of POE. Players also need to POE Currency Buy at an appropriate time to make their game activities more exciting and convenient.