Principle Of Tilting And Turning Windows

  • I wonder if you know about tilt and turn  windows? In fact, it has a history of decades throughout Europe. However, in the United States, we have only just begun to experience this "new" window style. The various benefits of tilting and rotating windows can be both obvious and subtle. First of all, understanding the advanced features of the "Tilt and Rotate" window is the key. The "tilt turn" window is essentially one of the three window types: fixed window, swinging window and hopper window. Thanks to advanced European hardware, when the handle is placed down, the window will be locked, essentially a fixed window. Rotate the handle 90 degrees to swing the window inward.When the handle is at a 180 degree or upward position, the window can be tilted open. The many benefits of tilting and rotating windows are simple and exciting.

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